Sunday, May 5, 2013 3:20pm CDT

Just a very quick update for you before I have to leave.
Today is the first nice day and break in the weather for sometime. 
The good folks from BroadBandMN were unable to come out this weekend but are trying very hard to be out here tomorrow afternoon  or Tuesday afternoon to being out the camera and do all the technical stuff necessary to bring the LoonCam to you.
The loons have been around but I have not heard nor seen much of them with the cold, windy rainy weather.
The loon nest is in the water.  It is not completely ready to go yet until we get all the camera equipment to mount on it.  Then some of the finishing touches of materials and plants and other stuff can be completed.   But I wanted it to be in the water where the loons can at least see it and know that it is there.
This afternoon, I have seen the loons around and for a while they were doing a lot of calling.
I think they are as anxious as we are!
But at least it is encouraging that they have not moved on to another lake.  But where are they going to go.  All the lakes further north are still ice bound!
I will let you know as things progress.  Even after the camera is mounted, it will still probably be a day or two before we will be online with it.
I hope that you are having a wonderful day and for those of you in Minnesota, enjoy the weather that we have been waiting for over a month to arrive.
 Copyright 2013     Larry R Backlund