Wednesday, May 8, 2013 9:35am CDT


Once again just a very quick update.

The good people from BroadBandMN were here Monday afternoon and evening to set up the camera and computers.

Everything went well except for one piece of equipment that was not working right.  It only takes one out of the many  to shut things down.

They were going to come back with more equipment yesterday afternoon.  But the eagle cam went down and they had to go out and work on that one!  So hopefully they will be here today to finish up the technical work on the Loon Cam.

Just to put your mind somewhat at ease, other than the time we were working on it on Monday, the nest has been in the lake so the loons can see it.  But so far, I have not seen them come to even investigate it although they may have when I have been gone.

I hear them out on the lake occasionally, even making some territorial calls.  So they are still around.  But they have not been coming to the nest so far.  So you have not been missing out on anything.

Just when you think there is nothing more you can learn, nature throws us a curve with the weather we have had this spring.

So we will just have to learn some more.


Copyright 2013   Larry R Backlund