Thursday, May 15, 2014 10:50 pm CDT

40 degrees F    Cloudy     Wind 8mph N

Well, I wish I could tell you that LoonCam is back up and everything is running again.

But I can't.  We have worked all day trying to get it back up again.  Well, Broadband has worked and I just pushed a button when they told me to.

They brought out a new router and we went through everything to install it and connect with it.

And we could once again see the picture from the camera.  So that confirmed the other router had failed.

But they still could not upload the picture so that you and everyone else could see it!

We have been working on it all day until just an hour ago.

They even had me go buy another router.  But even with that router, they could not access the serveer to upload the picture to the website.

We could still see it but they still cannot get it to connect.  So it has been a frustrating day for all of us.  Because we so badly want you to be able to see the loons.

We have not given up.  But this is far beyond me to understand and know what to do.  These people are brilliant.  And when it stymies them, it is something.

We are still working on it for you though.

So, with all of that, let me give you an update on our loons.

It has been a cold and windy day with high waves on the lake.

Since I got home late last night, the loons have been very faithful and remained on the nest.

Which is good because this morning was near freezing and yesterday morning it dropped to 30 degrees here.  It did not even make it out of the 40s for a high temperature today.  Very unusual weather for this late in the season.

Once again, there is a possibility of frost tonight.

I am assuming that by them staying on the nest so faithfully it means there may be a second egg.  But I cannot tell you that for sure without seeing it.  And in the few times I have been able to check when we got the camera back on, the loons have not budged off the nest.  So I have not seen whether there is one or two eggs.  And it is not something that you can see with binoculars or even a telescope.

That is what is so wonderful about the LoonCam is the ability to see things that you can never see in any other way.

If I do get a chance to see whether there is one or two eggs before the cam is back up, I will let you know.

Hopefully the problem will be identified and corrected tomorrow.  The Broadband folks are so good and so dedicated to getting it working again for you.  The problem is just strange.

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