Friday, May 16, 2014 9:06 pm CDT

47 degrees F    Mostly Cloudy    Wind NW 3mph

Sunrise   5:41 am CDT     8:37 pm CDT

Can you believe it?!

The LoonCam is once again LIVE!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.  This has been the most challenging year technically ever with the LoonCam.  It started out that it looked like it would be the smoothest and most problem free set up ever.

But that changed quickly with the lightning.

The good folks at Broadband deserve big kudos for the long hours of work trying to get everything back.  Anthony especially, the Head Guru of Technical Type Things.  He has gone above and beyond anything that could rightly be expected.

We still have the issue of the sound.

Just know that they are still working hard on it.  But the amazing thing is that they have been talking to UStream, the large international company who transmits thousands of video sites.  Even UStream is  stumped by why we have the audio, we can hear it, they can hear it but they are unable to get it to come through to you.

It is baffling to say the least.

Just know that it is still being worked on.

Some of you may say, "But I heard the sound for a minute and then it disappeared."

Essentially that was us trying everything trying to pin down where the problem is.  So essentially we set up a camera on the camera.  And the sound came through.

But that is an  entirely unworkable and untenable solution to the problem.  But when they sound came through that way, it made it even more mysterious why it will not come through the way it is supposed to.

But now to the IMPORTANT things ... our LOONS!

We now have TWO EGGS on the nest as many of you sharp people have already seen.

In fact, you knew it before I knew it!  We were working so hard on everything we did not have the chance to watch the cam.  Then I read some of your chat and said, "They are saying there are TWO eggs!  We are right here and they knew it before we did."

I had suspected that there might be two eggs ever since Wednesday night because the loons were staying on the nest so much more faithfully than they had before.  You will remember for the first day or so they were off the nest for an hour or more.  But the fact that they have been faithfully staying on the nest was the first clue that there might already be a second egg.

So now we have loons, we have eggs, we have a camera.

And soon we hope that we will have chicks!


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