Saturday, May 2, 2015 6:17 pm CDT

80 degrees     Clear and Sunny   Wind  4 mph S


I am so sorry that the LoonCam is down and I apologize.

I have been gone most of the day.  When I came home from a family funeral, I was surprised to find that the LoonCam was down.  

I tried several things from here that have worked in the past to restart it but none of them worked.  Apparently for some reason UStream is not able to contact the cam.

I put in several calls for experts to help.  When I got a call back from our chief technical guru from Broadband, he walked me through a number of different things to try to reconnect.  None of them worked.

He is out of town and he said that he could not get into the system from where he was.  And he will not be home until about 3 am tomorrow morning.  So he said that he would work on it as soon as he could tomorrow morning.

I apologize.

When you think you have seen everything, something completely new crops up.  This year has been relatively free of any technical problems.

But then this problem surfaces just when the loons seem to be getting more active.

Just know that we will try to get it back up as soon as possible.

It is an absolutely stunning early May spring day in Minnesota.

The temperature is about 80 degrees, a light breeze and lots of sunshine.

About 5:15 pm one of our loons came in and got on the nest.

It was a big reminder to me of how wonderful the LoonCam is.  I was once again reduced to watching through binoculars, just like I had always done almost 10 years ago.  I couldn't tell which loon was on the nest.  I could not see them close up.

s/he stayed on the nest for about 15 minutes moving nest material the whole time.

There was a young fisherman with his young son who were fishing outside the buoys.

They were closer than I would have liked and moving slower than I would have liked.  But they were well outside the buoys and respectful.  I could see him point to the nest  as he talked to his young son.

It did not bother the loon at all, who just kept moving material around.

The other loon positioned itself about halfway between the fishing boat and the nest and just followed along until they were gone.  That loon did not seem overly concerned either.

After spending about 15 minutes on the nest, the loon got back into the water and they swam off without the mate attempting to get up on the nest.

So as of right now, it does not appear that you are missing any important action.

And I cannot believe they have laid an egg or they would not have left the nest.

Hopefully they will be able to figure out what is wrong somewhere along the long line of technical things that must work perfectly and the camera will be back up and you will be able to watch our loons in all their glory!

Once again, I am so sorry and apologize for the technical problems.

Stay tuned.


Copyright   2015     Larry R Backlund