Sunday, May 3, 2015 1:36pm CDT

79 degrees F     Mostly Sunny   Wind   Calm but variable

Sunrise   5:57 am CDT     Sunset   8:22 pm CDT



The LoonCam is back up and running thanks to the good folks at Broadband working on Sunday to get it back on for you.

I haven't talked with them yet to find out what happened.  I will wait until their 'normal' workweek.

When even one of their chief techies was not able to find the cause as he talked me through trying a number of things, I have to admit that I was concerned that something more serious had happened.  But obviously all the equipment is still working and they were able to resolve the problem remotely.

But it is a real reminder of how many things must work together absolutely perfectly in order to bring you the sights and sounds of the LoonCam to you.

We have been blessed this year with few technical problems.

The other thing that I worried about is the very same thing you were worrying about.

With us not able to see anything, were the loons going to lay their eggs while we were 'blind'?

I was torn betwixt and between.  I wanted the loons to lay their eggs as soon as possible and get down to business.  But I did not want it to happen during the time you were not able to see.

I had the advantage of being able to look out at the nest with binoculars.  But even that was a real reminder of how much more I can see on the camera and how dependent on it I have become as well as you.  All of a sudden I was back 10 years ago where the only thing I could see was what I saw through the binoculars.

And compared to the LoonCam, that leaves a lot to be desired.

But that is exactly what loon researchers have had to do for all these years until the advent of the LoonCam, which by the way was one of the very first wildlife cams, especially with full motion, sound and night vision.

The LoonCam has added so much to our knowledge and understanding of loons.

Now we are back LIVE and we are happy campers!

There is a slight chance of rain this afternoon and even the possibility of thunderstorms.

Let's hope we get rain, which we need.  But we do not need severe weather.  But whatever it is, you will be able to see and hear it!



Copyright 2015     Larry R Backlund