Wednesday, March 29, 2017 12:23 am CDT

34 degrees F   Clear   Wind Calm

Sunrise  6:59 am CDT   Sunset  7:38 pm CDT


We have a LOON!

Today has been a beautiful sunny blue-sky spring day with temperatures almost up to 70 degrees F!

About 5 pm this afternoon, I got a phone call from my neighbors.  They had just heard from some friends of theirs who were out on the lake in their boat.  And they were calling to report that they had seen a single loon on the other side of the lake!

Minutes later I went back outside and sure enough!  I could hear a loon calling on the other side of the lake.

So there is at least one loon on the lake!  I could not see it but I sure could hear it.

I think it may be only one loon so far.  Why do I say that?  Because all evening there have been numerous calls from the other side of the lake.  They were wails.  Which you already know as "I am here, where are you?" calls.

But there never was an answering call that I heard.  

So I think it is only one loon so far.

But that is nothing to be concerned about at this point.  That is pretty common that one loon would come before some of the others.

But we KNOW now that loons are on the move and at least this one loon has made it this far north!  And undoubtedly many others are already in the midst of their migration north.

When I went outside a few minutes ago, once again I heard the single loon calling.

It was almost hard to hear the call above the din of the noisy seagulls who have arrived in full song.

Also, high overhead in the starlit sky I could hear a flock of swans flying north.  It did not sound like they stopped but continued their flight further north.

Also this afternoon I saw and heard sandhill cranes flying high overheard.

So all of a sudden it seems like everything is on the move!

What a wonderful and miraculous time of year!


Copyright 2017  Larry R Backlund