Tuesday, April, 18, 2017 12:12 pm CDT

53 degrees F   Rain  Wind SSW 10 mph

Sunrise   6:22 am CDT   Sunset   8:03 pm CDT


There are dark, scudding clouds moving across the sky and it has been raining most of the morning.

It is amazing how things have been greening up so much after the rain of the last few days.

The crocuses bloom is almost done.  And the daffodils have now started blooming.  Forsythia forms a mound of yellow.

Ahhhhhh, the wonder of spring and new life.

We continue to work on getting the nest ready to go in the water.

Yesterday after dealing with a number of technical problems, we got the camera going (not online yet but we were doing all the trouble shooting that is necessary).  But then it stopped working and so we have some more work to do.

It sounds so simple when it finally is up and running.  But simple it is not.  Cameras have to talk to routers who have to talk to servers, who have to talk to other computers, who have to send things out over the internet.  When it all works, it is wonderful.  But there are experts who make it all happen.  So thanks to Anthony for all his brilliant work.

We are getting close.  And hopefully very soon you will be able to watch the new nest as we wait for our beloved loons.

Hang in there.  It is coming.


Copyright 2017  Larry R Backlund