Sunday, May 7, 2017 10:24 am CDT

62 degrees F   Partly Cloudy   Wind 2 mph NE

Sunrise  5:53 am CDT    Sunset  8:27 pm CDT


It was wonderful to see the  first egg arrive about 7 pm CDT last night.

But then after staying on the egg for over half an hour after she layed it, she left the nest and did not return.

In fact, the egg lay uncovered all night long.

But the temperatures did not go lower than the lows 40s.  And since the egg has not started developing yet, it should still be ok.

This morning the loons returned to the nest just before sunrise.

And 5:46 am CDT, the female got on the nest.  She saw the egg, turned it and settled down on it.

Right now the male is securely on the nest.

Everything is back to being right with the world.


Copyright  2017   Larry R Backlund