Monday, May 8, 2017 11:28 pm CDT

52 degrees F  Scattered Rain   Wind 2 mph N

Sunrise  5:52 am CDT    Sunset  8:28 pm CDT


We expectantly await the arrival of the second egg.

I would think that the egg would be laid in the next couple days if it is going to be laid.  Loons usually lay 2 eggs.  Sometimes only one egg.  And rarely 3 eggs.

So we will know soon how many this female loon will lay.

Then incubation will begin in earnest.

Based on the laying of the first egg, I would  expect it to hatch between June 1st and June 5th.  But they have been off the nest more than what I have seen in the past so I may need to adjust those times later.

In fact, the female has just returned to the nest 34 minutes after the male left the nest.  I would much prefer to see where they change shifts on a much more timely basis.  Especially since there are scattered light rain showers in the area.

But each pair of loons is different so we will see how this pair develops their nesting behavior.

Always so much to learn.

And when we 'think we know it all', they teach us something new.

But for now, let's look forward to what we hope will be the laying of a second egg.



Copyright 2017    Larry R Backlund