Tuesday, May 9, 2017 6:31 am CDT

48 degrees CDT   Cloudy   Wind 1 mph NE

Sunrise  5:50 am CDT    Sunset  8:29 pm CDT



When did it arrive?  I am not sure.

At 6:15 am CDT I looked down and the loon was on the nest, head held high.  The other loon was swimming nearby.

Then I became aware that the cam had gone down.  So I restarted it at 6:19 am CDT

At that time the loon was on the nest.

At 6:22 am CDT, the loon let out a single wail and left the nest.  The crows were also calling so I assume an eagle was in the area but I did not go out to look.

When the loon left the nest there were two eggs!

A couple chatters said there was only one egg before  the cam went down.

IF that is true, in a 'coincidence of bad luck' for all of us, the loon decided to lay the second egg right in that 20 minute time frame when the cam was down and when I first looked at 6:15!

Either that or the egg was laid earlier during the night.

I just know that I did not see it being laid.

But the good news is, WE HAVE A SECOND EGG!

Let the fun begin!!


Copyright 2017  Larry R Backlund