Thursday, May 3, 2018 12:15 pm CDT

76 degrees  Sunny    Wind Calm

Sunrise  6:00 am CDT    Sunset  8:22 pm CDT


Today is a stunningly beautiful May day here here at Loon Lake!

There are light zephyr breezes blowing across an otherwise absolutely calm lake.  Bright sunshine warms everything and everybody.  Flowers are beginning to bloom and plants are shooting up everywhere.  And the birds and ducks and geese are in full song.

And I have good news for you.

The ice finally went out of the lake on Tuesday morning, May 1 - the latest that I have ever seen.

And the loon nest is in the water as of yesterday afternoon.

But the best news is that at sunrise this morning, a pair of loons was swimming around the nest checking it out.

But even better than the 'best' is that both loons got up on the nest.

And even better than the best of the best is that they mated on the nest.  Which is a huge sign of ownership and that they are probably planning to use the nest!

Now the anxious waiting and hoping begins.  Hopefully the LoonCam itself will be live very soon so that you can watch the wonders unfold.  I know people are working hard on all the technical details that need to fall into place perfectly.

But today is a very good day.

One filled with promise.


Copyright 2018    Larry R Backlund