Sunday, April 29, 2018 11:28 pm CDT

58 degrees F  Clear   Wind 17 mph

Sunrise  6:06 am CDT    Sunset   8:17 pm CDT

Today has been an absolutely gorgeous spring day, even if it has been a little bit windy.

But it has been a day that has brought huge changes.

This morning the entire lake was covered with ice, right up to the shore.

Then the wind started to blow by mid-morning and surprisingly the ice started to move.  The ice is still fairly strong so it resisted being moved easily by the wind.  It is still frozen to the bottom by shore.  But it broke away from that ice some ways out from shore.

But with the strong spring sun and temperatures that today reached 75 degrees, the ice is weakening fast.  What I often call "rotting".   But with the night temperatures below freezing every night, that strengthens the ice each night and delays the rotting of the ice and prevents easy breakup.

But by late afternoon, there was a sliver of open water just out from shore.

I was working on the nesting platform and also building a new 'cart' that I am planning to use to get the nest into and out of the lake.  Age and back problems are taking their toll.  I used to muscle the nest into and out of the lake.  But that has become harder with each passing year.

As I was working on this new cart or trolley, I thought I heard a loon.  I turned to look.  And sure enough.

There was a loon swimming out in front, not too far from where the nest normally is!

I called and he answered.  He called over and over.  I think it is our male from the last several years because he has the little 'crack' at the end of his wail at times.

Once again, he is back the day the ice goes out.  Or even a few days before.  As soon as he has any open water.

You tell me how they do it!

But as of tonight, all is right with the world once again.

Our loons are back!

Or at least one of them is.


Copyright 2018   Larry R Backlund