Wednesday, March 27, 2019 10:15am

46 degrees F Partly Sunny Wind S 14 mph

Seagulls started coming back this morning.

There is no place for them to swim. No place for them to fish. The lake is still solidly locked in ice. But a few of them are sitting on the ice. The majority of them are circling overhead and calling. I don’t know if they think that if they squawk really loud that it will help the ice go out.

Flocks of robins started coming back a few days ago.

And the cardinals and chickadees have been in full spring song for a couple weeks now.

Can spring be far behind?

Can our loons be far behind that?

Today there is a prediction that we may hit 60 degrees or even more this afternoon. If we do it will be the first time we have had temperatures of 60 degrees since way back last October.

The piles of massive amounts of snow that we got in February and March are rapidly melting. But they still have a long way to go. There are 4 foot piles where just a few weeks ago the pile had been over 8 feet.

So far the snow melt has been almost ideal with warm temperatures during the day and freezing at night which stops the melt. That should help greatly with the threats of flooding. Although many areas already are contending with flooding.

Down towards the lake there is still 2 feet of snow on the ground. The loon nest is beginning to peek out from underneath its winter snow cover - but just barely.

So it will still be a while before I can work on refurbishing the loon nest and before the ice is off the lake so that I can put it out in the lake.But even as I say that, there is a forecast for more snow next week. Fortunately it does not look like there will be much accumulation.

So we keep our eyes and ears open. And our hopes up.

Hope springs eternal!

Or is it spring hopes eternal?!!

Stay tuned.

Copyright 2019 Larry R Backlund