Sunday, March 10, 2019 12:55 am CST

Winter just does not seem to want to let go.

We are once again in the middle of another snowstorm.

It had been predicted that we would get 8 - 11 inches of snow here at ‘Loon Lake’..

Even though it is still snowing, it appears that we will get less than that because it started out as rain instead of snow. So that has cut down on the amount we will get.

But the far western part of the state has gotten upwards of a foot of snow and no travel is advised in some places.

It is the wet heavy spring type of snow. What as kids we used to call “snowman snow”.

So it will still be some time before our loons can come back home.

No doubt they have already changed into their beautiful black and white plumage in anticipation of their trip north from the Gulf of Mexico. And some of them may have already begun their journey north.

But until we get rid of the snow and ice here they will not be able to return.

Some meteorologists have estimated the amount of water that we have in our snowpack in Minnesota. They say that there are 6 TRILLION gallons of water. That is more water than is in Lake of the Woods. And is equivalent to SIX Mille Lacs Lakes! And that is just here in Minnesota. Surrounding states also have massive amounts of snow.

So now we hope and pray for a very gradual melt. If it warms up quickly and the snow melts fast, we will have real problems with widespread flooding.

But as usual, there is nothing we can do but to watch and wait.

And hopefully it will not be too long before our beautiful lakes are open and our amazing loons are back home.

Copyright 2019 Larry R Backlund