Bacon Wrapped Pheasant Breast Stuffed with Apples and Brie


  • 1 Boneless breast of pheasant
  • 2 Slices bacon
  • 4 Thin slices green apple
  • 1 Slice brie cheese (approx ½ ounce)


1.    Using a boning knife or paring knife butterfly pheasant breast and place on a piece of plastic wrap. Fold plastic wrap over pheasant breast to cover and prevent splattering while tenderizing. Using a meat tenderizer gently pound pheasant breast until it is approx. ¼” thick throughout breast.
2.    Place two slices of apple in center of breast and top with slice of brie cheese. Place remaining two slices of apple on top of brie. Fold pheasant breast over to seal in ingredients.
3.    Lay two pieces of thick cut bacon next to each other on a cutting board. Using a rolling pin gently roll until length of bacon has increased by 25%.
4.    Place stuffed pheasant on the bottom end of bacon strips and roll up to cover breast completely.
5.    Pre heat a non stick sauté pan to medium high and place bacon wrapped pheasant breast in pan. Be sure to place the seam of the bacon down first to prevent bacon from unwrapping during cooking process. This will help to seal it together.
6.    Once bacon is golden brown flip and continue to sear on all sides until golden brown.
7.    Finish cooking by placing pheasant breast in a 350 degree oven until an internal temp of 155 is achieved. Remove from oven and let rest. While resting the pheasant will continue to cook to an internal temp of 165 degrees which is the recommended temp to safely cook poultry. Remember pheasant breast is an extremely lean protein so it is very important to not overcook.
8.    Serve warm with your choice of sides and sauces. Enjoy!!