Nest Update April 30, 2013 - A Blustery Spring Day!

Good Evening, Fellow Nestafarians!!

Well, It was a blustery day when I arrived at the nest this morning. I stayed for a class and then was called away on an urgent work order. Sooo, I don’t have much for you all tonight. It looks like there were no vids today and just a few pictures. I will also be off the nest all day tomorrow but I will try to look in more than I could today. Hope you all enjoyed your day on the nest!

Harmony tips over after feeding for 31 minutes straight.

Mom brings in a live one!

Mom and Dad scrabble over the fish.

Mom tells Dad “No fish for you!!” 

After lunch Cuddle Puddle.

That about does it in the pic department for today. 

See you on the nest tomorrow.


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