Nest Update March 10, 2014 - A mEGGnificently Marvelous Monday

Good evening Fellow NestStickStackers!

Mom and Dad started the week much as any of us do, waking up, seeing if the offspring-to-be was alright, yelling for our mate to get breakfast started and wandering off to tend to our duties. Mom awoke, gave a shout for Dad and took off for the coffee shop again. Dad came in and sat the egg while she had her morning bracer. She returned and began what was to be a day of fairly quick exchanges on her part and Dad spending a lot of time on the nest. In between times they yelled at the neighbors, played kissy face a bit, brought in some more furnishings and carpet, wing slapped a couple of curious squirrels and generally went about the business of being eagles. In fact, Mom was gone so much and was so casual about the day it started to seem to some that maybe she wasn’t going to lay another egg after all.

All that changed in late afternoon as she came back to the nest for the penultimate time. She was fidgety and fussy about her seat in the nest and it seemed like she just couldn’t get comfortable. Old (timewise that is, we are all youngsters at heart) eagle watchers know when a female acts that way an egg is close.  She startled us by leaving one last time for a spin around the block and a last breath of fresh air. She returned for the last time of the day and took up where she left off. After a short period she “assumed the position” and in another startlingly short time produced the egg that will be M8 if all goes as planned. She was a bit nicer to us this time in that it only took her about 5 minutes to show us the new addition.

When the egg was laid and seen of course the crowd in SS went crazy and it was running a mile a minute. Unfortunately for me my ISP took that moment to decide to deny me access so I missed out on most of the banter post egg. It was a great day for all of that and we now look forward to going on PipWatch in about 35 days. All in all a great day in the nest and I hope you were there to enjoy it with us!

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MN Bound Eagles 3-10-14 AM Highlights

MN Bound Eagles 3 10 14 PM Highlights

Mom Has A Visitor and Sends 'Em Packin

MNBound Eagles ~ Squirrel Surprise

MNBound Eagles ~ Beak Bling

MNBound Eagles ~ 2nd Egg ~ 03/10/14

It gets lonely with no one to roll around with!

This waiting for an egg is  INTENSE!

Together again for the first time.....


Thanks to dragonlainey and birdbrain56 for the vids today. And thanks as always to BBC for the cam and the fine panning by the cam gnomes!

See you on the nest tomorrow as we start the journey to eaglethood!


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